“If you want to learn more about the days when Chicago was the busiest port in the country—and how the Great Lakes have shaped our history—take a tour with Executive Director Kellogg “Ked” Fairbank of the new Chicago Maritime Museum.” — Classic Chicago Magazine


Chicago Maritime Museum Named 2017 Open House Chicago Site!

On October 14-15, explore more than 200 cool places all over Chicago, from iconic downtown skyscrapers to hidden gems in the city’s diverse neighborhoods and suburbs including the Chicago Maritime Museum. “The Chicago Maritime Museum was established to tell the story of Chicago as a maritime city, founded at a strategic confluence of waterways and […]

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August Minutes Meeting

Dirk Lohan named Chairman of Chicago Maritime Museum

Read June 2017 Operating Board Minutes Here

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Chicago Tribune’s “50 Museum Marvels” includes CMM Eastland Disaster Dive Suit

Come see it for yourself, Wednesdays through Saturdays, 10 – 4 p.m in the Bridgeport Art Center. “The new-in-2016 Chicago Maritime Museum tells the story of the city through its waterways. And no part of that maritime history has been more tragic than the July 1915 tale of the SS Eastland, a boat docked in […]

Special Event with Kevin MaGee

Meet Kevin MaGee: Kevin is a mechanical engineer with ZIN Technologies Inc. He has worked closely with the NASA Research Center on space projects that have flown on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, sounding rockets, drop towers, and parabolic aircraft. Additionally, Kevin co- founded the Cleveland Underwater Explores. He is an experience diver and […]

“We would like to see the Bridgeport community use Bubbly Creek for more rowing and paddling,” says Chicago Maritime Museum executive director, Ked Fairbank.

Happy 90th Birthday to Our Chief Curator Don Glasell!